What makes our sheds better than others?

We are a NZ-based business making quality NZ-made sheds to order. Not conveyor belt processes.

.40 gauge roofing steel is nearly twice as thick as the boxed sheds and is the same choice much use to put on houses in New Zealand. This makes our sheds heavier and far more stable than the majority of other sheds on the market.

Custom-made floors to suit your site to ensure you get a PERSONALISED shed made for you and your needs while adding real value to your home.

Do I need to have a wooden floor?

No, you don’t. However, we recommend any shed is bolted down to some form of the base which could be a concrete pad.

Timber Floor All timber floors are treated with minimum H3.1 rough sawn timber (100×50 and 150×20).

Can we deliver a pre-made shed on-site?

Yes, we can deliver sheds on-site provided you have a 2.5 metre wide access way for our trailer to back into. We do prefer to install on-site as we can then build and level to ensure the best finish possible.

Can we ship to the South Island?

Not at this stage.

Can we deliver anywhere in the North Island?

Yes, we can deliver prebuilt up to 2.36 wide and ANY kitset shed in the North Island. We deliver these ourselves and don’t currently use private contractors. We believe this ensures you get your shed direct from the factory to the front door with the most minimal of handling.

Can I have a sliding door?

We currently do not offer this option. We believe that internal doors take up valuable room and external doors are far to easy to pull off. Hinged doors are stronger and give maximum space and security.

Does the shed have a timber frame?

Our design eliminates the requirement of a timber frame. The solid panels support each other and become very strong once assembled. We can add timber for wall linings, shelving etc.

How easy is it to install a 1st choice garden shed?

Below are a some of our feedback received from customers who have made the smart choice to buy a 1st Choice Garden Shed and build it themselves.

“I’m really thrilled with my shed. Quick and easy to assemble, strong and good-looking. Great service from Garry who delivered the shed and provided easy to follow installation instructions. Highly recommended trader. “
“I’m really thrilled with my shed. Quick and easy to assemble, strong and good-looking. Great service from Garry who delivered the shed and provided easy to follow installation instructions. Highly recommended trader.”
“Excellent trade & delivery. Easy to assemble shed”
“Simple to follow instruction, easy delivery to my backyard making it so simple for me. Went out of their way to make sure I was happy with what I got and were on hand with the one thing I did wrong. Highly recommend to anyone wanting a quality shed that will see the test of time.”

What tools will I need to assemble the shed myself?

A rivet, hammer, drill and 1/8th drill bit, a measuring tape. A friend or 2 will help as well.

Do I need building consent?

It is understood by 1st Choice Garden Sheds that you don’t require a permit for sheds under 30 square meters. Please check local council regulations regarding distance to fences, boundaries, and other buildings, etc.

How level should the site be?

When assembling your shed whether it’s us or you ensuring a flat and clear site is important. If the foundations are set straight the shed will work the way it’s supposed to including the door/s. Please notify us of any slopes etc prior to purchase to ensure we quote and supply the required materials for your section. Additional costs may apply.

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Limitation of Liability

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Please note care of your shed should include regular cleaning of the channels on the roof.

All prices are quoted in New Zealand Dollars and are inclusive of 15% GST unless otherwise stated.

What areas do you install in?

We cover most of the upper North Island however you can get an easy to assemble kitset delivered anywhere in the North Island or a pre-built shed up to 4660 by 2360 delivered pre-built. Please see the map below for areas installation is available.

Click here for a full map of the installation areas